Valance Grey Herringbone

The Parc Monceau Collection is inspired by European castles and luxury residences. Curated by Chêne de l’Est, and made entirely in France by master wood craftsmen, this high-quality, authentic collection is made of the most precious French oak.

Collection Parc Monceau
Light Brown
Wood Species French Oak
Surface Oil
Textures Tumbled
Width 4 ½ X 26

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Technical information

Thickness 5/8
Material Engineered Wood
Shapes Herringbone
Wear Layer 4MM
Price range $$$$
Acclimation The wood floor needs to be acclimated on site for 7 -14 days depending upon moisture content of the planks, subfloor and the environment it will be performing in. See installation manual for more details.

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